6 Surprising ways Children’s Literature Festivals are refreshing than new socks

In a digital world where everything is about audio and visuals, how easy or difficult it is for kids to decipher that reading is fun!

Well, as a parent, if you are struggling with your child to inculcate reading habit, a literature festival is a must-visit event.

Listed below are 6 surprising ways that a well-curated children’s literature festival can be refreshing, both for children as well as parents.

  1. Literature festivals are a hub of varied activities under one roof. Children enjoy hands-on tasks, like puppetry, art and craft, painting under the guidance of a maestro.
  2. There are live story-telling sessions, book reading workshops, puppet shows, musical and theatrical performances. With a lot happening around, kids get a good exposure to the vast field of literature through different mediums. Each act, performance, and session is weaved around the idea of getting children closer to the world of books.
  3. Children get a chance to meet their favorite authors. It is an opportunity for kids to sneak-peek in the lives of people behind their favorite storybook.
  4. A literature festival introduces kids to the boundless knowledge of the literary text. It proves to be a good start to make them learn the importance of owning a personal library.
  5. Parents often have a concern about how to get their child interested or curious to read a book. Literature festivals have a session, designed especially for parents, with ideas to help their child get into a habit of reading good books.
  6. With a lot of activities, stories, books, and performances, a family gets a chance to enjoy and have fun. Parents and children not only spend quality time together but also bond over books.

So, whether your child is an avid reader or runs away from books, you know where to go!

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