Creating a Joy for Reading

With 10+ Children’s Book Authors and Storytellers

Children are inquisitive by nature, and a curious mind is never idle. Take this as an apt opportunity to immerse your child in the world of stories and books. Read out loud to children, and use your best silly or fancy voice. Modulation in voice holds the attention and gets their imagination rolling. It is no more a surprise that reading can be fun! Witness your little one’s creativity come alive when our storytellers charm them with their mesmerising tales at Kukdukoo Lit Fest.

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

Reminiscence our childhood we had our very own storytellers, our grandmothers and mothers. Their tone, pitch and mimicry gave way to our curiosity and eagerness to know how the story would proceed. A good narrative or a book has the power to glue anyone to its core. Books and children become inseparable only if the tales are relatable. Every book carries an emotion, and every child perceives it differently. Reading books can open up many worlds for children. But not every child is an avid reader.

KLF is all set to bring its First Edition of Children’s Literature Festival to Noida this year, and aspires to create a joy of reading in children from early years. KLF has invited some of India’s most prominent authors, renowned International storytellers, and celebrated theatre artists to come forth to create awareness to close the gap between books and children. It is an effort to dive the children in the magical world of books. Parents and children will be more a part of the sessions than just being a mere spectator! Every author and storyteller will make the session interactive for kids to readily participate in weaving the stories with them.

The first year of KLF will include theatrical portrayal of stories, engaging book reading sessions by children’s book authors, puppet play, musical storytelling, panel discussions and workshops for parents, books exhibition, food stalls and much more.

Kukdukoo Lit Fest 2019 aims to give a direction to the young wandering minds by fostering creative engagement like reading a good book. As J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter aptly quotes ‘I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book’. Perhaps, what could be more magical than giving our kids the treasure of knowledge, and the passage to time transport in a uniquely portable device called books.

Research shows that 75% of what children learn in their lifetime is learnt by the age of two. 15 minutes of reading with your children each day can expose them to 1 million written words in a year. Dr. Carole Bloch sums it up broadly, ‘Storytelling and reading expose children to a special form of language which is holistic, rich and complex. This allows them to tune into the rhythms and structures of language and broadens their conceptual worlds and their vocabulary to express themselves’.

Why the name Kukdukoo?

Kukdukoo is the sound we wake up to every morning. Children are familiar that a rooster makes the sound kukdukoo. They grow up listening to the rooster rhyme,
‘Good morning, good morning Mr. Rooster cock-a-doodle-do (kukdukoo)’
The name ‘kukdukoo’ in itself is amusing and recognizable to kids, and unique. Hence the name Kukdukoo!

Why should you bring your child to the Kukdukoo LitFest?

Introduce your child to books at an early age. Expose them to a whole new world of magic. Reading lets us travel to places even when we have to stay where we are. Explain to them the importance of owning a personal library. A good book adds value to a child’s life, impacts their decision-making skills, increases vocabulary, reducess stress and anxiety, improves concentration and gives flight to their imagination.