Top 5 Reasons Why ‘Reading to Your Child’ should be A Priority on Your New Year’s Resolution List

Reading to children, starting from infancy, has many beneficial effects on their overall development. It develops language skills. It also increases their ability to empathize with others as they grow up.

When a child is read stories or rhymes they are exposed to many new words. Our pitch and voice intonation teaches a child to differentiate and interpret different emotions.

Research shows that 75% of what children learn in their lifetime is learned by the age of two. In a way, we are sitting on a time bomb to help our child to find the joy in reading good literary books. So let’s start early!

We bring you the top 5 reasons as to ‘why reading to your child should be a priority on your new year’s resolution list’.

As a parent and a reader yourself, you can guide your child to help find the good literary text to possess in their own sweet library.

This new years help your child fall in love with books!

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